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Nuria was waiting at the station to take the train to come back home, after being with a friend in Barcelona. But that day something different caught her attention: Alan was also waiting in the platform. Few glances later, Nuria was still hanging on the phone when she got the train. Alan was just behind her. They sat in separate seats, facing each other. Almost at the end of the track, when everybody stepped off the train, Alan mustered all his strength to came close to Nuria and ask her phone number, but she only gave him her name. Fate let them to meet again downtown, in the same platform, and this time their paths crossed and they shared together the way to come back home, as if they were life-long friends.

Couple: Nuria Oliu + Alan Monroig
Wedding Dress: L’Avetis
MUA: Andrea Moreno
Jewellery: Makito
Videography: Marie Marry Me
Photography: Unai Novoa

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