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Sun was shining in Donosti when Laura and Jon said Yes I do, in a very close and familiar celebration. When we arrived at the house where the preparations where taking place, Laura received us with a cheerful and shy smile, introducing us into her family circle. We could hear them making toasts in their honor to digest all these emotions beating the rhythm of Country Roads and some other American classic songs. With these sweet country melodies, we easily transport ourselves to their first look. An intimate instant without words, with the sincerity of a nervous smile and a total hug.

Wedding Planner: 20 eventos
Venue: Mugaritz
Wedding Dress: David Fielden
Shoes: L.K.Bennett
Flowers: Endanea
MUAH: Soler B Mak
DJ: Burunda DJ
Photography: Unai Novoa

" Home is where your heart fells safe "



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