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Arnaud (or Nono, as their friends call him) and Agathe met each other in Reunion Islands four years ago. They went for work and as soon as they met each other, they know that they will stay together for the rest of their lifes. So the next chapter in their story was written the summer of 2016, when in the top of a fortified tower in Obega, Portugal, Nono ask her to marry him. And if course, Agathe said yes!

They know they will get married un Saint-Julien-en-Born, the small and charming town where the parents of Nono get married, and before them, his grandparents. That's why they were looking forward to perpetuate the familiar tradition.

Wedding Dress: Mademoiselle M Mariage
Wedding Shoes: Vans
MUA: Belle et Lui
Hairstylist: Style & Co
Costume: Hugo Boss
Bowties: handmade by the bride
Wedding Rings: Bijouterie Brial
Caterer: Entre Delices et Malice
Stationary: Atelier Rosemood
Wedding Favours: homemade rhum

" Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten "



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